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dedicated to bringing
Moldova’s world-class wine to wine lovers everywhere

We source the finest wines from Moldova for the Granovia label.

Located on the same latitude as Bordeaux in France, Moldova is one of Europe’s great wine growing countries. Moldova may be the poorest country in Europe but it has the richest wine from its wonderful terroir.

It is only because of 200 years of Russian domination that all of Europe is not familiar with Moldova’s amazing wine product (although Russian Czars, Commissars and Oligarchs have been enjoying Moldovan wine for a long time).

But Moldova is now a free and independent country and working towards membership in the EU. Moscow may not like it but the people of Moldova are benefiting from investment in Moldova from European nations and the USA and enjoying free Trade with the EU and a growing number of countries around the world.

In Moldova, wine is the number one export and number one employer. Moldova like France and Italy is truly a wine culture.

Located on the same latitude as Bordeaux in France, Moldova is one of Europe’s great wine growing countries.
Moldova may be the poorest country in Europe but it has the riches wine from its wonderful terroir.



By working with high quality wineries across Moldova, Granovia Wines has an almost unlimited ability to customize our orders and fill large orders for any type of wine our customers want.

Granovia can fill customized orders at different price points whether in traditional bottles or in larger boxes for bars and restaurants or even small bottles for airplanes.

So although we now have only 40,000 bottles in our warehouse ready for sale we can easily fill an order for 400,000 bottles given normal time limits. Our knowledge of the Moldova wine industry gives us the ability to spread Moldovan wine across the globe.


From founder

Alvin Granoff - Founder


Founder & CEO

My grandparents came from the region of Moldova and the Ukraine and settled in the USA in 1903. ancestors drank.

But although my roots are from the region until three years ago I knew nothing about Moldova or the wonderful Moldovan wine my ancestors drank.

It was in 2015 at my winter home in the tropical country of Belize, while doing some reading about Eastern Europe, that I first read about Moldova and the Russian boycott of 2008.  I learned then how the Russian leaders were upset at Moldova for developing close ties with the EU. In response and as punishment for Moldova, Russia which had been buying 80% of Moldovan wine for the past 100 years suddenly stopped buying wine overnight. This action by the Kremlin sent Moldova into its own great recession.

I learned then upon more research that wine is Moldova’s #1 export and #1 employer. One can only imagine the misery the Russian boycott caused the Moldovan people.But Moldova at that critical moment and even in the face of the boycott chose the path of freedom. Moldova kept its agreement with the EU. 

Moldova is now a free democracy with free speech and a free press and an open and free economy. Moldova has since the time of the Russian boycott become even closer with the EU and with the USA.

After what was a terrible and painful setback the Moldovan people have responded by making better and better wines and selling to a growing market of wine lovers around the world. They have certainly sold wine in bulk to survive but more and more wines are being aged and bottled in Moldova with Moldova as the place of origin proudly on the label.

I was so inspired by this story of a people (many of whom could be my relatives) standing up for themselves and for freedom that I decided to do what I could to help this effort. And so, after 6 trips to Moldova where with the help of the Moldovan government and export/investment authorities (MIEPO) and many wineries we established Granovia Wines in 2016. Our goal at Granovia Wines is simple, to help the country of Moldova by bringing our Granovia brand wines to wine lovers across the world and while doing so actively promote all the wines of Moldova.

Moldova's wine map

Moldova was a place created by our Maker to grow wine. This land that in spring looks like the Garden of Eden is at the same latitude as Bordeaux in France yet with perhaps even better terroir for certain grapes.  And Moldova has thousands of years of wine growing experience since the first vines were planted by the ancient Greeks 3000+ years ago.

Granovia Wines has a very unique and special business plan. We do not own vineyards. We do not own wineries. Granovia Wines works with different wineries and vineyards across Moldova to locate and later bottle some wonderful wines that we are proud to sell in our bottles with our unique Granovia Wine labels. We feature many of the popular French varietals like Cabernet Sauvignon and Chardonnay and others. Merlot is especially good in the rich Moldovan soil which is perhaps why we received a gold medal on our first competition in Bergamo Italy in 2017 for our 2015 Merlot. We have also received a silver medal recently in Berlin for our Rose’ made with merlot grapes. We also feature regional grapes like our perfectly balanced white “Feteasca Alba” and our regional red “Feteasca Neagra”, which is like a deeper and spicier pinot noir. Granovia also blends regional grapes with French varietals to create our new “Cuvee 2016” and “Cuvee 2017”. All of which are just delicious yet reasonably priced.

Granovia administration

I am so proud of our wines and so happy to be working with excellent Moldovan people from my own Managing Director of Granovia Wines Maxim Popov to the many technicians and businessmen and women at different wineries who help us craft these wonderful wines. 

I hope you try our Granovia Wines but I warn you they will only get better and better in the years ahead (as will the wines of our local competitors) as Moldova keeps improving its products and walks proudly on to the world stage of great wines.



Maxim Popov

Coordinator & Managing Director

Commercial and operational activities & Customer Relations

English & Romanian

Phone & WhatsApp: +373-6069-7777‬

Joyce Ng

Managing Director Asia Region

Languages: English & Chinese

Mobile & WhatsApp: +65-900-94-229

Wechat: joycen9

Alvin Granoff


B2B partnerships, commercial relations

Languages: English

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WhatsApp: +1-214-632-9872

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